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When I was growing up, I always felt deeply saddened by the fact that there is inequality of opportunities in our society particularly for women and handicapped people. This inequity was also reflected in sports too, which by its very nature is supposed to be inclusive. As a result, people belonging to underprivileged backgrounds are left behind and are rendered unable to explore their inherent potential.

I belonged to a family who were in the exporting business, due to which I learned so much related to business and life’s ups and downs. In 2009 I started sportswear business from scratch and did everything independently, this phase was tough on me but in the end my hard work paid off. At the present moment my company is doing business with Europe’s big sports brands who are indulged in quality sportswear. But my craving didn’t stopped there, including the fact that I already have state of the art manufacturing facility, so I started my own brand sports cartel. I would say this will be a people’s brand. Why?

Sports, for me is not about losing and winning, it is about facing your failures with grace, forgetting your past, and then moving on with an attitude that the break of dawn will bring fresh light into our lives.

Sports cartel bring up this idea that sports can trigger a feeling of equality and mutual respect among individuals. At sports cartel, my team and I want to spread the message to the world that everyone is capable of recognizing and achieving their true potential. We are introducing inspirational sportswear which enables the disabled community to see themselves as athletes and come in playgrounds as champions.

My message is simple: to those who feel that they cannot, I say, ‘You Can!’

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